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I'm Leon,

a traditional signwriting specialist based in Swansea. My expertise encompasses a wide range of hand-painted signs, from bespoke shopfronts to intricate window lettering and interior signage. Each project is approached with meticulous attention, offering unique lettering styles and colours tailored to individual preferences.

The charm of handwritten signs is unparalleled, and I bring this process to life through a meticulous process. Beginning with a pencil and chalk layout, I then use a brush and specialised paint for freehand sign creation. Utilising my own distinct fonts and writing styles, I ensure the final product aligns seamlessly with brand identity and architectural specifications.

My work has included diverse projects. I have collaborated with city councils, nightclubs, pubs and contributed signage to national and international sporting events. 

I am also interested in sign restoration and doing smaller signwriting work such as house numbers and lettering on walls. Please get in touch if you would like a quote or just a chat about my work.


How to Order a Sign

Please contact me via my Contact page or Enquire by email to Leon at

I offer free quotes on projects from house names to large sign projects. Please view my gallery for further examples.

Telephone 07472 934711

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